Services as a Marriage Officer

How do you envisage your wedding ceremony? Do you yearn for a traditional Christian wedding with good old fashioned vows, or do you fancy a more contemporary, non-denominational ceremony with vows you’ve written yourself?

Whether you want a religious or non-religious wedding ceremony is entirely up to you, as I officiate over all types of ceremonies in South Africa.


Your life, your wedding, your rules

These days, with life being so complicated, many people like to get as married as simply as possible. As a result, the most popular type of ceremony is short, simple and non-religious; however, you don’t have to follow any trends, you can make your own rules as far as your wedding ceremony is concerned.


I offer an entirely personalised service designed to meet your unique wishes and requirements. We work together as a team to ensure that you get exactly what you desire out of your ceremony. If you already know exactly what you want, that’s excellent. If you would like some advice and guidance regarding your vows or the different types of wedding ceremonies available, then that’s excellent too. I’ve been a marriage officer since 1999 and have performed countless weddings all over South Africa in religious and non-religious ceremonies alike, and I am more than happy to use my experience to help make your day perfect.


What you get

As an ordained minister, secular marriage officer and lawyer, I offer a comprehensive range of marriage-related services that extend far beyond the wedding ceremony.


• I provide legal counsel for couples, especially regarding the importance of marriage contracts, such as antenuptial contracts with or without accrual.

• I can draft a marriage contract and have it notarised and lodged with the proper authorities.

• I can issue a marriage certificate and register the marriage with the Department of Home Affairs in South Africa. I can also guide you through all the hoops Home Affairs requires you to jump through during the marriage registration process. Bear in mind that it can take Home affairs upwards of a couple of months to register your change in marital status, so be patient.


I’m based in Gauteng, principally Johannesburg and Pretoria, but I offer my services as a marriage officer all over South Africa, from Bloemfontein to Durban. My fee includes travelling within Gauteng. If, however, you desire my services further afield, then travelling costs will be added to the fee.


What you need

In order for me to conduct a legitimate wedding ceremony that culminates in a legal marriage, I need you to furnish me with certain key documents.


• Copies of each partner’s ID book.

• 3 ID photos.

• Death certificate, if applicable.

• Divorce orders, if applicable.

• Attorney’s letter confirming an antenuptial contract, if applicable (and if I haven’t drafted the contract for you).

• Foreign nationals and those holding a non-RSA passport need a certificate of non-impediment from their consult or embassy. In an effort to prevent fraudulent marriages for the purposes of residency only, the Department of Home Affairs may also require foreign nationals to undergo an interview.


A set of fingerprints is also required, but I can take them so you don’t have to worry about queuing at your local police station.

From wedding vow renewals to gay marriages and from spiritual outdoor weddings to traditional church ceremonies, I am happy to perform any kind of ceremony.


"Contact me to get the wedding that you want, not the one other people think you should have. After all, it’s your big day"

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